In response to your presentation, all of our attendees gave great ratings, with a total average of 4.9 out of 5 in all categories. One of our members stated that she never thought a workshop like this would awaken her to her purpose like this particular meeting did. Your presentation was very engaging, everyone, including myself was touched and motivated to pursue ambitions.

Being that you presented to our group twice before in the past and earned remarkable reviews, we are inviting you to present again. Thank you for your valued time and generosity.


Program Coordinator

Mr. Zadi is spiritually connected and a powerful person; highly motivating. I learned how to transition from negative to positive awareness, freeing myself to express powerfully.

Charlotte C.

Today’s workshop was an enlightening experience. I always say it’s never too late to discover something new. I was able to acknowledge certain faults and strengths, and the best part was to acknowledge them out loud; knowing that I can change them all. It was a powerful experience because I will actually enforce all of today’s acknowledgements and experiences into my everyday life. I thought Mr. Nader Zadi was very informative and helped us all with discovering issues and knowing we have the power to transform them.

Maria K.

Dear Mr. Zadi,

I just want to take the time to thank you for coming to DFS. Every moment was a true life changing moment for all who participated in the workshop. They were open to receive the message that you were giving, and are actively applying it in their lives! Thank you so much for taking the time to speak your powerful message into their lives.

Tiffany W.

Program Director

Mr. Zadi is a clear communicator. I discovered how to be myself when infused with a positive attitude. This is how I’ve always wanted to express myself, and didn’t know how.

Mila F.

You connected me to the power inside myself. I was half dead, and I feel alive, renewed, and rejuvenated. You are really a power coach – wow! You have a great instinct – you are phenomenal!

Izumi F.

The value of my participation today was priceless. I feel that the exercises solidified a concrete path for me. The event was so powerful because of its emotional impact. Nader Zadi was very impactful. I will write that book!

Stan P.

Nader Zadi is a great speaker, I learned a lot from his presentation; specifically whatever the challenge is, I can set my mind to be positive, and my attitude will comply accordingly, and be uplifted. – Sheila D.
Nader Zadi gave our entire group tools to connect in a meaningful and powerful way. It was obvious that everyone benefited from this speaker.

Mary O.

I have been to several meetings at Dress for Success and this has been by far one of the best. It has made me think deeper, realizing that I can make my dreams come true. Mr. Nader Zadi really made me feel empowered to go forth and attain my life’s goals.

Linda S.

I was able to evaluate my life and current circumstances, relationships, and self-worth in a room full of empowering individuals; with struggles of their own, yet full of faith and hope for themselves and others. Today I learned that I am worthy of change, and this session has taught me to let go, and move on to achieve my goals. I loved the exercises that Mr. Zadi, presented, they allowed me to clearly scan my life.

Michael G.

You were masterful in connecting me to my life purpose. I felt acknowledged and encouraged by you.

Tony M.