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Zeneth Phelosophy®

Founded by Nader Zadi PhD, Zeneth Phelosophy® is headquartered in New York City.  Extending business services internationally and across the United States through speaking platforms, workshops, corporate engagements and private consultations conducted in person and by phone.

Clients Include:

Business Owners

overwhelmed by competing demands, hindered schedules, compromised efficiency, competition and poor market visibility; identify resourcefulness and cultivate powerful approaches that take them from average to good, then great to greater in growth, productivity and profit.

Emerging Entrepreneurs

brimming with innovative ideas concealed within the repository of brilliant minds; emancipate their ambitions and fertilize potentials for themselves and others that create value, meaning, opportunity and prosperity.


outstretched by disruption, uncertainty, innovation fatigue and challenges in talent acquisition, development and retention; access elevated perspectives and discover compelling alternatives with even greater impact.


struggling to meet personal and professional obligations develop a foundation that helps to balance and maintain value-lifestyle congruence in multiple capacities.


frustrated with the rate of progress in their lives; learn to apply principles that accelerate growth and manifest desired outcomes.


stuck in the cement of fear, stranded in frustration and stalled by aversion; gain courage, build greater confidence and proceed with determination in alignment with their new found magnitude.


stagnant in their craft, expressing talent on invisible platforms, fenced between art’s beauty and the market’s landscape; begin to experience a surge in creativity, transform limitation into liberations and leverage chromatic aberrations into a favorable spectrum of inspired possibilities.


lacking clarity and direction; realize their purpose and find new meaning, awaken to the energized prospect of excellence that propels them to the zenith.


who wait long, delay their precious dreams and endure the pain of vanished opportunities; transcend the secret that activates dormant gifts into successful outcomes that brilliant lives are composed of.


concluding that phase of successful business and professional involvement discover opportunities for greater contribution by perpetuating a trace of impact, or a legacy of significance to benefit future generations.

Nader Zadi, PhD is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, humanitarian and a business consultant. Regularly orienting the compass to calibrate with excellence and transformation, he affiliates with professionals and organizations to establish principles for distinguished eminence.
Featured in:
The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Barron’s, Newsweek, Worth, Robb Report, NBC and other platforms.

“Brilliant dreams have diamond wings.  Most flap but rarely fly.  Some hover, others soar.  The exceptional ascend to the most high.”
Nader Zadi, PhD

Welcome to Zeneth Phelosophy®

Every business is the productive potential of an idea carried out with a determined momentum to innovate, create value and enhance the marketplace.

Whether you are aspiring to start a new enterprise, or invigorate your existing business, I invite you to explore dormant treasures that may be accessed with appropriate support.  You initiated a search and reached this page to learn more, about yourself, your company and perhaps revitalize worthy aspirations to endow them with the potency of focused clarity, strategy and intelligent partnership for greater success and fulfillment.

Entrepreneurs are like Olympians, exhilarated by the noble goals chosen, progress through stages of challenge and transformation, towards victory.  Their efforts are valiant, their stamina is steadfast and their advocates are invested in the vision; acclaiming, affirming and maintaining standards of excellence.

  • What areas of your business are inclined to flourish even more?
  • What challenges have patterned a fence around your company?
  • What avails itself to support you in transcending impediments?

I would like to hear from you.  Thank you for visiting and sharing your story.

Nader Zadi, PhD

Founder & CEO
Zeneth Phelosophy®